// Better reports + Polaris

Better Reports is a plugin in Shopify. It gives users instant access to reports for all functions of their stores. It is functionally strong but poor in visual design and meets no consistency with the Shopify design system (Polaris). In this case, I rethought the home page and report page of Better Reports and crafted better experience via visual design.

Sept. 2019

// Home Page


1. Complex information
2. Efforts on scrolling
3. Poor navigation
4. Color and spacing don't follow the Shopify design system


1. Grouping the information with cards.
2. A search bar on the top to help quick search.
3. Adjust colors and spacing

// Data visualization - Line chart


1.Components are not intuitively used.
2. Scalability issue
3. Lines are messy and hardly see.


1.Follow the guideline on components.
2. Simplify the line chart with three lines each time.
3. Show the whole period in one screen.

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