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NiuDun100 is an App discovery and download platform. It enables consumers to explore and download apps iOS App Store running in any country. The primary need of NiuDun100 is to attract more user to explore and download apps in NiuDun’s ecosystem. According to the user research, we design a UGC community to address this need.

​2020.04 - 2020.06

00 // Understand Client

Niudun100 is an app discovery platform

that display apps available in all the Apple AppStore in the world, and provide redirect link to AppStore download page.

It enables users to explore apps without boundary. Niudun100 offers cash back if users download the app through its link.

For business owners and app developers, Niudun100 provides them with a place to do promotion.

We set up a meeting with stakeholders including a product lead and a tech lead in Niudun100 to learn about the industry insights, business goal and their current needs.

Client needs: improve user success, expand user base, increase app engagement conversion rate.


01 // Determine Scope

The client needs are quite broad so what we did next is to decide which problem we are going to solve.

We did usability test with 5 users to evaluate current experience.

Tasks users are supposed to finish:
1. In niudun100, find a foreign app that you're interested in but didn't know before.
2. Download this app and try to get cash back.

Key Takeaway:

1. User have problems in exploring interesting apps.
2. User can't notice the global section at the beginning.
3. To withdraw cash back is complex.

By evaluated the problem with impact and constraint, we decided to solve the problem that has the biggest value with minimum efforts.

This is how we narrowed down the challenge to ——
How might we help users exploring and download apps using Niudun100?


02 // Research

Exploring is an important step in app download.

In two common journey maps of downloading app, users decided to download an app based on information they knew about this app. Exploring is the process of gathering information.


User insights ——
information sharing matters

1. Download apps based on recommendations, such as from friends or KOL.

2. AppStore and commercial ads don't provide enough convincing information.

3. Authentic reviews and personal app experiences are important.

4. Users like to share apps they like with others.


03 // Solution

Feature requirement


Why current community feature does not work?

The original community is run by the platform owner and does not support user-generate content.

There is barely update to the content.

Low user engagement and failed to highlight the advantages of NiuDun platform.


04 // Design user experience


Users can create, share and save the content they like.

Encourage user to take action: the target app is shown on the right.

For bussinese owner, they are able to post promotion for their products.

Browse and share

Users can post images, texts even videos to share their true app experience, and can freely browse to find interesting apps in NiuDun community.
When users share contents, they can involve more potential users in NiuDun's platform.


Tab bar menu



Change to more recognizable icons, making Community and User Profile intuitive and understandable.

Keep visual consistency and adjust the margin. Each icon is tap-able and follow human-centered design.

05 // Feedback and iteration

We did user test to evaluate the prototype and gathered feedback from 8 users. The user group covered 23 - 45 years old and included both new users and tech-savvy.

New user group said they wanted cues to get started. For people who are more proficient in apps, they want to navigate desired content more quickly and efficiently.

Iteration 1

Recommender system as new user onboarding

For who are new to Niudun100 community, we provide a simple page for them to pick topics they like, and system will recommend content based on their choices.


We add categories on the top to (1) help quickly navigate; (2) allow users to explore other topics when changing preferences.

Iteration 2

Optimize download access

We moved the download access to the bottom of the post and let it take the whole width. The intention for this is to make the download link more accessible therefore increase the click rate. We combined a download icon to help encourage user to take action.

Next steps

Second round user test: A/B testing to evaluate the click rate before and after optimizing the download access.

Product will launch recently.

To be continue...

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