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T3 Mobile Travel Platform offers car-sharing services in China and has become a notable competitor in the mobile transportation market. Aiming at offering safe trip, T3 framed its need in how SAFETY is highlighted in their car-hailing service. According to the client’s need and user research, our design solution are learning safety in gamification and redesign the driver profile to make travel experience safe and happy.

Version: 1.0.10
2019.12 - 2020. 01

00 // Before We Start

Passed tragedies in 2018 were top news in the China mobile transportation market and it also became a public issue.

​The question about how to protect passengers not only brought a fraught time for all the ride-sharing companies but also challenged the public attitude to car-pooling services and their safety awareness.

01 // Understanding Client

T3  was a new force in the car-sharing service. Invested by state-owned automakers and countries' largest internet companies with a total investment of 1.45 BILLION dollars, T3 expanded its services to 6 cities in China after the launch in July 2019.  By the end of 2019, the platform has got over 100,000 registered users, operated over 12,000 vehicles with more than 200,000 daily orders.

Client's need:  help T3

highlight T3's safety solutions.
make safety advantage as its brand image and competitive edge.

02 // Research Planing

We started communication with T3 stakeholders and interviewed both T3 users and general car-pooling services users. The interviewee covered both gender, from 21 to 49 years old.

Checked with T3
product manager

The status quo and social context of the safety issue in a  broad mobile transportation market.

Contextual Inquiry
target on T3 users

How do people feel about the present T3 safety solution?
(6 users, 21-29 years old)

general users who have tried car-pooling services

What means safety to general passengers?
(15 users, 21-49 years old)

Key takeaway

We analyzed the data with affinity diagram and synthesized THREE interesting user patterns of how they feel about safety in car sharing services.

1. People care about safety. But most of them are NOT FAMILIAR with T3's safety features.

2. PRICE matters a lot.
For users like young adults and students, Safety is NOT their top concern. They choose cheaper services OVER SATETY.

3. For the other group of users, they are not very sensitive to price, and for them, PROFESSIONALISM means safety.

Here we specified our problems to

1. How might we help users learn T3 safety feature and save money?
2. How might we leverage T3 safety feature to covey professionalism?

03 // Solution - Problem I

Problem 1: How might we help users learn T3 safety features and help them save money?

Some time there is conflict among business goal, product goal and user need.
As the designer, we are thinking of how to combine safety and rewards, how to make the journey safe and economical at the same time.

Verify process:
We first checked with T3 product manager to know whether giving rewards to customer would increase cost to the stakeholders and the answer is no because giving discount is an existed common strategy for car sharing company.

Therefore, here we got:

Solution: safety quiz to win promos

Design a safety quiz that introduces T3 safety features and safety precautions. If users pass the quiz, they can get promos.

So we got solution 1:    Safety quiz for promo

Design User Experience
UI Exploration
for Safety Quiz / button

We started from the entry button to explore the design of quiz UI. We basically have two options to put this feature:

(a)  add the quiz button in the hamburger menu
Pros: nicely fits in the existed structure and allow text tip.
Cons: hardly to get attention and low click rate.

(b)  add the quiz button on the main page
Pros: easily stand out and catch users' eyes.

Option b wins

UI Exploration for Safety Quiz / icon

Button on the main page is good for discovery but it still has problems to be solved.

We need to consider the icon in order to inform users what the feature is about.

Here shows the iteration on icon design.
Step 1: Changed the Gift Box to a Red Pocket which means "promos and money" in Chinese culture to fit in the local market.
      (1) To better deliver Promo and Safety
      (2) Pocket-open status to show quiz in progress

Final Design - feature walk through

-- Safety Quiz --

Questions are all about T3 safety features
Problems we solved:

Manage to highlight T3's safety solutions and let users be willing to choose T3's services.

Balance the safety concern and price preference.

Catch users's attention and help riders take precaution.

-- Quiz Flow --

Design the quiz that not disturbing the car-hailing work flow. User can pause and continue the quiz whenever they want.
If users pass the quiz, they will get promos for their following trips.

04 // Solution - Problem II

Problem 2: How might we leverage T3 safety features to convey professionalism?

We did secondary user research to find out where professionalism came from.

Results showed that one of the most important factors is the driver. A good driver always delivers the professionalism. Users care about:
driver's background, driving ability, driver's rate, accident history ...

Current problem:

The current info card ONLY shows car info, driver's surname, tiny rate and trip amount. User can neither see photo of the driver nor any information about driver's driving skills.

Option: redesign driver's profile

T3 has strict regulation on keeping driver team's high quality. There are also equipments in cars that can be made full use of.

We decided to add information about driver's background, experience and accident history to increase confidence over riding.

To maintain its quality, T3 has:
Professional driver
Background check
Face ID in car
Accident detection

Solution 2:   Add professional badge on driver profile

Design User Experience
UI Exploration
for Driver Profile / layout

We added four badges representing professionalism to the driver profile and tried more than 3 versions of layout. The problem here is how to deal with high density of information on the profile.

Final version

In the final version, we put badges to a separated area on the bottom and grouped information to lighten cognitive load.

Final Design - feature walk through

-- Driver's Profile --

Problems we solved:

Able to highlight T3's safety features and professionalism of drivers.

Increase confidence over taking T3's ride based on user testing.

05 // Evaluation & Next Step

Feedback from the client

"Your group shows the most profound thought in understanding the safety issue among all the groups and you have given several exciting solutions.

People treat safety in carsharing quite passively. They start to think of safety when they are really threatened by danger. I appreciate your design that innovatively highlights T3’s safety advantages."

Impact and Next Step

The solutions can benefits 3.2 + MILLION users.
We got positive feedback from the user testing. Users think that these two new features are very useful and can improve their confidence in taking T3's ride.
Many users are willing to recommend T3 to others because of the safety advantage. It would benefit company's long-term goal on expanding market.

More metrics that can be used to evaluate success:
Click-through rate of the quiz
Completion rate of the quiz
Increase of order completion rate in night

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